Training Tips


Some road cycling tips for break-through performance gains.

1) Sit down
– On training rides stay in the saddle when starting from lights, climbing up the hills or bridging gaps. Sitting down develops efficiency, better pedal power balance, hamstring strength and breath control.

2) Stand Up The Whole Way
– Stand the whole way up a hill. In Toronto, try starting from the Bayview Extension @ Pottery all the way to Moore Ave. Even on the flat and middle downhill portion. Pedal the whole time. This will develop your technique out of the saddle (fore-aft weight balance) and quad strength. And may bring a tear to your eye. It does for me.

3) Ride the lines
– When possible and climbing out of the saddle, ride the white line at the side of the road. Forces stability and balance and once you master it, conserves energy.

4) Pedal all the time
– Soft pedal downhill to develop your pedal technique. Coasting is for chumps, and in a race you need to be ready to react quickly.

5) Pedals in neutral when coasting
– When coasting, pedals should be┬áparallel┬áto the ground. More aero, the position has you ready to pedal/turn the power on again quicker and takes a little weight off the saddle.


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