Psychometric Profile for Athletes

I am pleased to announce the introduction of a psychometric profile tool for athletes, produced in association with PMC Inc and Self Management Group.  This profile tool is available to all athletes and their coaches, whether or not they are a part of my own personal coaching practice.

I completed this profile for myself on January 25th 2013. Wondering what kind of athlete I am? READ HERE.

This profile tool is designed to:

  • Assesses the character traits that build success in sport
  • Provides information on the attitudes of the athlete
  • Offers insights into the key success factors of competitiveness, mental toughness, confidence and motivation
  • Provides both coaching and personal development strategies
  • Based on extensive research with top level professional and amateur athletes

Order your own profile here ($44.99): (select the second option from the list of profile tools).

Additional Details

This profile is designed to provide the athlete with insight into his/her strengths and how to capitalize upon them. It is divided into several sections that describe his/her character and personal approach to sport, competition and other issues important in athletic success. We also intend for some of the feedback provided here to be useful in other areas of life including education and career. A second report, the Coaching Report, is designed to help a coach gain insight into the development and growth of an athlete. It is divided into several sections which describe the athlete’s character and attitudes and provide suggestions on how to coach and mentor the athlete so that he/she may achieve his/her fullest potential both in sport and in life.



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