Off Road Semi-Technical TT


A periodic test on a real course is the only way to chart progress when training for off-road events. Mountain bikers definitely benefit from time trial training, roller work or indoor cycling on the road bike, but there is no substitute for hitting the trails.

The added challenge of the technical ride sometimes means that the way to go faster is to pedal less and brake less. Smoothness on the trail is key.


  1. At your own risk. Can’t ride or can’t behave on the trails. Don’t bother.
  2. Course starts at the rock just off of Loblaws Parking lot and follows the ridge all the way to the 2 trees inside the median at ET Seton Park (see course map below)
  3. Timer starts as soon you start riding and does not stop until you return to the start.
  4. For every foot fall or step, add a 5 second penalty (counting only one foot when walking or running). Honour system, report your own penalties
  5. Getting stuck behind other riders is part of the TT
  6. Record all parts that you had issues with the features. These spots are your homework.
  7. Ride the trails to the right when possible. Use “Easy” section. No bonus time for hitting additional stunts.
  8. If you flat or have a technical the clock does not stop.
  9. Don’t be a Stavasshole or a jerk. If conditions don’t permit you to go at speed, then don’t. Trails are shared.
  10. You do this at your own risk.
  11. Upload your results into Training Peaks or Strava and share the course results.



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Off Road TT Report

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