Long term shoe review – Giro Code


Lugs holding up well after a year

Back in March of 2011 I picked up a set of Giro Code mountain biking shoes. I have ridden them for over a year now and here is the verdict:


  • The upper has stood up well, getting a little discoloured but not crinkled or cracked at all
  • It is not the most ventilated shoe, but that also means it is drier in the bumper seasons, and in Canada the bumper seasons are just as long as the main season.
  • Ratchet has stayed secure, sole lugs has stood up and the reinforced toe is still together
  • The lugs have lasted longer than expected, so not having a replaceable sole or lug set is not proving to be much of an issue. These shoes will be retired due to funkiness before they are worn out.


  • From Day 1 I experienced heel slippage when walking. The customizable insole is good, but having switched to eSoles, the fit is much better
  • A little hot, so these shoes are a little funky after a year of riding. They will have to be retired unless I can find a way to kill the bacteria living inside them.

Scuffed toes, but the reinforcement holds

Though I enjoyed the stiff pedaling platform, the heel slippage is just too much for me to consider buying these again. This slippage only occurs when walking/running, something that I do a fair amount of (and anyone who races off road stage races will do a fair amount of walking). A slightly less stiff sole and a more formed heel cup would make this a better shoe. Those with a wider heel and flatter foot may find this shoe to be ideal, those who have them and are struggling with the fit a bit should consider changing the insole.



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