Better Segments



1) First off I want to build a segment that is long. Shorter distances/times are okay but I prefer the longer as a better test of fitness. It still needs to be punchy, varied terrain and other obstacles (see point 3) It takes out dumb luck

2) Many segments out there can be done with the advantageous rolling start. Sure this is nice to have but often the difference on the charts in Strava is that someone is rolling into the segment at speed while the other is cruising along/stopped at a light.  Heck, I encourage coming to a track stand at the beginning of the segment once in a while as well.

3) I want that segment to have traffic lights (for road segments) and crossings (for off-road). These are variables, obstacles that have to be complied with and so it is all the more magical when you can put together a “perfect ride”.

4)  The segment needs to be a square or an out and back. This will ensure multiple wind conditions, that any downhill advantage is neutralized by the return and makes it possible to build inside the city. Because that is where I live and I like to make breakfast for my family in the morning.

5) Finally, when it comes to attempts, the segment must be completed alone. No helpers.

This morning I accomplished another goal time and KOM for one of my favourites, the York Mills Lap. It takes me just under an hour to get to (a good warmup) and at the time in the morning that I usually run it, traffic is quite low. On top of that this segment includes over 10 additional segments (just about all the significant sections).

And please, go take that segment record from me.



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